About Our Company

We are a web hosting company that launched in the final quarter of 2010. Our staff are highly-trained, and come with years of experience in managing websites and servers in a variety of environments. Most of our staff started out like our customers – with a website or two and learned it from there.

A provider of shared web hosting services, BoltWebHosting.com is here to offer you quality web hosting at competitive rates. All of our servers are state-of-the-art and provide exceptional speed and processing power for all your needs. Whether you are looking to host a small website with just a few pages, or a highly complex website spanning hundreds (or thousands) of pages with a MySQL database and related technologies – we can provide you with all the support and infrastructure you need in a secure and trustworthy web hosting environment.

What Makes Us Different?

Every staff member at BoltWebHosting.com has several years’ experience in web hosting environments. Our company was founded and is managed by experienced webmasters and system administrators. We all started out with small websites, and each of us made a successful career out of working on websites.

Additionally, we are not a reseller. We own all of our servers, which are located in one of the most secure and reliable datacenters in the United States. We manage the servers ourselves, and everybody on our support team is a native english speaker.

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